marble velvet

Symphony Mills’ velvets: true gems for your interior

Have you brought home something velvety yet since the fabric came back in fashion a few years ago? There’s a good chance that you have. Curtains, sofas and even lampshades and wallpaper all drift along on the soft wave of lustrous comfort that is velvet. In interiors, velvet is known to brighten any room by the way it reflects light, making it a very rewarding fabric in small and darker spaces. And look at all the choices you have!

For quite a while, velvet has proven that it’s more than a luxurious fabric solely for the rich. Among the still highly popular darker shades such as emerald green and burnt orange, we now also see a shift towards lighter colours like pastels and beiges. It allows you to take a step away from the more common interior styles in which velvet fits like a glove and experiment to match it with more neutral surroundings. 

At Symphony Mills, when you say ‘fabric’ you immediately add ‘velvet’ to it. Next to our wide range of colours, our fabric collection is mainly known for its velvets. To easily guide you through these specific fabrics, we divided them in a subcategory which we like to call The Gemstones. Each named after a specific gem, our velvet fabrics have their own specifics that set them apart from one another. Knitted or woven, any kind of fibre, easy to clean… Let’s introduce you to four of them!

Every home deserves a hint of velvet to make it shine. Which one will you choose? Have a closer look in our online catalogue.