About Symphony Mills

Stock-supported interior textiles for upholstery & curtains, but we encourage you to challenge our abilities. Dog bed, anyone?

Symphony Mills puts the 'ho ho ho' in home: that cosy feeling that makes friends and family feel welcome. As a self-proclaimed jolly old friend, we support your loved ones with a comfortable spot. Whether that be a velvety fabric for your sofa, a silky curtain for your living room or a cleanable fabric for your kid’s shoes - we're here to make everyone at your house feel loved. 

A jolly old  friend is of course just a figure of speech: only 23 years old, Symphony Mills can be best described as a dynamic girl-next-door with a broad contemporary fashion taste and a love for colour. Lustrous velvets meet natural fibre blends and wovens with a high Scandinavian feel, while green and purple and orange can easily be part of the same fabric collection.

Stock-supported is our code word. With over 70 collections in stock in our 4 warehouses worldwide, we can quickly process your order and have it shipped to you from nearby. Any specific requests? We apply treatments, backings and laminations in our own adjacent facilities to keep ensuring that short lead time.

So, how about you? What does your 'ho ho ho' feel and look like? Have a look at our fabrics or contact us with your request. 

Pss, just a secret little tip between the two of us: if you're looking for other things to create a home, such as mattress fabrics or bath towels, have a look at our sister companies in the Love Home Fabrics group.

sofa with symphony mills fabrics